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The iconic old continental deli on Reid Avenue has been transformed into a contemporary space that is as welcoming now as it was when it was first opened by the Catalano family over 50 years ago.

3 cousins- Frank, Joe & Dom- have combined their passion for Calabrian food, classic movies and vinyl tunes in a setting that evokes memories of childhood, in those long gone days when they would walk past the Catalano deli everyday, on their way to school and then again as the school day ended and it was time to relax - or run amok!

The deli was the meeting place for the kids from Hectorville Primary, Morialta High and other local schools – and their parents- who came from far and wide to partake of the local and continental food and groceries that were, at the time, not widely available.

Today, the cousins’ aspiration is to recreate that same, welcoming environment in an updated setting where everyone feels free to drop in, meet friends, listen to some vinyl tunes and partake of real, Italian homestyle cooking that is predominantly Calabrian but with some regional twists and turns.

Whether it’s the hand-stretched pizza with its origins in Naples, the famous stuffed olives created in Ascoli, capretto cooked in the traditional Calabrian way, or any of our dishes- the flavours and textures are authentic Italian, made in the authentic Italian style.

So we invite you to make a booking or drop by so you too can experience our taste.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Frank, Joe & Dom

"Cooking everything with respect will lead to amazing tasting experiences "

Rolf Baumann

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  • The service was outstanding & the food was even better. Absolutely loved the vibe, such a cool space & it's only a 5 minute walk away

    Lisa Anderson - Facebook

  • AMAZING! I haven't had food this good in such a long time. Thoroughly recommend this place. If you love authentic Italian food you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. Can't wait to come back! Atmosphere & music was also so good. I'm so impressed!

    Nadia Donato - Facebook

  • Thanks Frank and team - such fantastic food and a beaut atmosphere. Loved it so much, taking mates along tonight. The McGregors

    Amanda Price-McGregor - Facebook

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